Jinn and Topic

*Spoilers Abound JINN, the new-ish supernatural show and first Netflix original program from the Arab world, is short, sweet, and just the thing I didn’t know I needed in my life right now. It is a fun show about teens who, having seen how ineffectual adults are at fixing both personal and big world problems, think they know better and can quick-fix their way through … Continue reading Jinn and Topic

Philosophy 101-Jessica Jones

“When you give a shit, sometimes, it’s flung back at you.” –Jessica Jones But that golden nugget of wisdom doesn’t stop her from doing right by her family and the world despite her grumbling and eye-rolling. She just pulls on those shit-raking boots of hers and leather-jacket/shit-repellent super hero’s cape and gets to it, never mind the bruisings she gets along the way. Continue reading Philosophy 101-Jessica Jones